Thursday, February 4, 2010

Naqsh Faryadi!


You may have noticed that I ve changed my blog title to 'Naqsh Faryadi' and I presume that most of you would be wondering,why?

Well,'Naqsh faryadi' is an allusion to the first verse of ghalib's urdu diwan

Naqsh faryadi hai kis ki shokhi-e-tehreer ka,
Kaghazi hai pairhan har paikar-e-tasveer ka

I m sure that raised more questions than answers!...Here's the translation & the explanation...


Against whose playful writings are the words complainants?
Made of paper attire is the countenance of every image

Well,the two key words are 'naqsh' and 'faryadi'.Naqsh means 'words'/inscriptions and 'faryadi' means a plaintiff/complainant.So it's the words who are complaining against the nature of this universe,asking why was it created in such a mischievous fashion.And that sums up the very essence of this 'blog'.....

If you want a detailed explanation of this hauntingly beautiful verse,i suggest
visiting Fran Pritchett's'll be worth the effort


indscribe said...

One of the Ghalib's most interesting couplet. The nastaliq script in the header looks beautiful.

Stuti_dPrayer4Happiness said...

nice name for another new start

caught in the net said...

can you translate urdu poetry into english? i know a friend who's looking for translators for a project of translating regional queer literatures into english, and she has a book of urdu poems. it'll be great if you agree to try your hand at it. mail me at if you're interested.