Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh God!

Naqsh faryadi hai kis ki shokhi-e-tehreer ka,
Kaghazi hai pairahan har paikar-e-tasveer ka
(Against whose playful writing are the words complainants, Dressed in paper attire are countenances of every image)
-Mirza Ghalib

You know,God is a funny guy(/girl).The universe he created is inherently an antithesis of his own self.While he basks in unity,the whole world struggles with the paradox of duality.There's good vs. evil,man and woman,heaven and hell,light and dark,pleasure and pain....and so on.What is fascinating is that these contradictions stem from seemingly neutral sources.Let's say a man gets stabbed.If you analyze carefully,it's just a piece of metal penetrating the flesh.On another level,it's just molecules colliding against each other.So why do I think it's evil?If the same knife would have been used to cut food to serve poor children,then it's good.In both cases,molecules follow some laws of physics and collide.So what gives the two actions their intrinsic good/evil characteristics.So is it the conditioning of our minds that makes us feel good or bad about something....?

So yeah,coming back to God.Why is his world a contradiction to his own self.Since he did it,he must have a good reason for doing so.So let's make some kind of a Freudian analysis of God's mind.Maybe,God didn't want to show his true self to everyone,so his world,as his external manifestation was his exact opposite.It's somewhat like a person being funny just to hide his serious side from people.Or it could be that god could be suffering from minor schizophrenia,and that is another duality in itself.So the million dollar(/rupees) question is that,why did he do so?Maybe he just wanted people to rise above the dualities to see his actual self,you know,make them work a little hard.

The basic assumption I have made all this time is the existence of God.So I shall take that assumption down from it's axiomatic pedestal down to the level of a hypothesis/theory.So let's say God is just a concept man conjured because of his basic psychological needs,and as the years passed on,the concept spread like wildfire.So if you think about it,does a concept have a life on it's own?Can we create something and give it life just by imagining it?And if this concept is all powerful,then it should mean that God derives his power just from our belief.So if we take that belief away,will God's power diminish?Will disbelief suck the life force out of this concept?On the other hand,if we can give life to a concept,then it must mean that there is something called life,or in other words,some kind of intelligence/life force running through this universe.This in itself is a symbol of creation,and thus a symbol of God himself.Thus our very argument for proving the non existence of God may prove his existence.
Coming back to dualities,one of the most prominent is good and evil.It is often said that good always triumphs over evil.But if good 'always' triumphs over evil,then it must mean that evil sprouts up again.So if you really look at it,it's just an infinite succession of good,evil,good,'s much like looking at an infinitely long zebra crossing,you wouldn't know if it started with the white patch or the black patch,it's just an endless succession on white and black.The only thing that matters is where you stand.

Anyways,like always,my thoughts have made me more and more skeptical.My mind follows the classical laws of thermodynamics,i.e the entropy in a system increases with time.Phew!...that was a lot of geeky crap to take.So,I shall bore my readers(if any) no more and so until next time,Ciao Ciao!