Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time(Whatever that is!)

Some people believe in destiny,others believe they can shape their lives according to their will,and others are confused about what to do or believe in.I fall in this category,constantly walking the tightrope between the two camps.

Now,what we believe in(i.e. fate vs. absolute control on future) can change the way we look at time.Now,for people who believe that there is no such thing as time,the conventional linear arrow of time model suffices,where the future depends on the conditions in the past,and this is consistent with the laws of physics.But for people who believe in destiny,their fundamental premise is that all actions of the past and present are made to reach a definite predetermined future state.Herein lies the problem.You see,this makes the future constant,therefore if you really think about it,the future starts acting like the past,constant and fixed.In a way,this also goes against the principle of thermodynamics,which states that the entropy in a closed system increases with time.

Thus,now our entire model of time changes,because now,the past has to act according to our predestined future,not the other way round.Thus the past,in a way becomes dynamic,and thus acquires the characteristics previously attributed to future....

So does time follow th first model or the second model or neither....and let's not forget the more important question,whether anything like time exists at all....Anyways,more on that later.....Ciao,Khuda Hafiz and Eid Mubarak to all....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh God!

Naqsh faryadi hai kis ki shokhi-e-tehreer ka,
Kaghazi hai pairahan har paikar-e-tasveer ka
(Against whose playful writing are the words complainants, Dressed in paper attire are countenances of every image)
-Mirza Ghalib

You know,God is a funny guy(/girl).The universe he created is inherently an antithesis of his own self.While he basks in unity,the whole world struggles with the paradox of duality.There's good vs. evil,man and woman,heaven and hell,light and dark,pleasure and pain....and so on.What is fascinating is that these contradictions stem from seemingly neutral sources.Let's say a man gets stabbed.If you analyze carefully,it's just a piece of metal penetrating the flesh.On another level,it's just molecules colliding against each other.So why do I think it's evil?If the same knife would have been used to cut food to serve poor children,then it's good.In both cases,molecules follow some laws of physics and collide.So what gives the two actions their intrinsic good/evil characteristics.So is it the conditioning of our minds that makes us feel good or bad about something....?

So yeah,coming back to God.Why is his world a contradiction to his own self.Since he did it,he must have a good reason for doing so.So let's make some kind of a Freudian analysis of God's mind.Maybe,God didn't want to show his true self to everyone,so his world,as his external manifestation was his exact opposite.It's somewhat like a person being funny just to hide his serious side from people.Or it could be that god could be suffering from minor schizophrenia,and that is another duality in itself.So the million dollar(/rupees) question is that,why did he do so?Maybe he just wanted people to rise above the dualities to see his actual self,you know,make them work a little hard.

The basic assumption I have made all this time is the existence of God.So I shall take that assumption down from it's axiomatic pedestal down to the level of a hypothesis/theory.So let's say God is just a concept man conjured because of his basic psychological needs,and as the years passed on,the concept spread like wildfire.So if you think about it,does a concept have a life on it's own?Can we create something and give it life just by imagining it?And if this concept is all powerful,then it should mean that God derives his power just from our belief.So if we take that belief away,will God's power diminish?Will disbelief suck the life force out of this concept?On the other hand,if we can give life to a concept,then it must mean that there is something called life,or in other words,some kind of intelligence/life force running through this universe.This in itself is a symbol of creation,and thus a symbol of God himself.Thus our very argument for proving the non existence of God may prove his existence.
Coming back to dualities,one of the most prominent is good and evil.It is often said that good always triumphs over evil.But if good 'always' triumphs over evil,then it must mean that evil sprouts up again.So if you really look at it,it's just an infinite succession of good,evil,good,evil....it's much like looking at an infinitely long zebra crossing,you wouldn't know if it started with the white patch or the black patch,it's just an endless succession on white and black.The only thing that matters is where you stand.

Anyways,like always,my thoughts have made me more and more skeptical.My mind follows the classical laws of thermodynamics,i.e the entropy in a system increases with time.Phew!...that was a lot of geeky crap to take.So,I shall bore my readers(if any) no more and so until next time,Ciao Ciao!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The pursuit of 'Happiness'

There comes a time in a person's life, when his entire perspective on things undergoes a complete metamorphosis, when his whole perspective changes, and things which seemed relevant a year and a half ago may seem trivial, like some vestiges of an era gone by, like an old scribble on a palimpsest, existing only as a mere shadow of it's former self.

This metamorphosis, may come from inside, or it may require a little help from outside. In my case, it was a bit of both. The outside was somewhat like fuel, without which, the logs of wood, are well, just logs of wood. Again, my definition of the ‘outside’ may be a little ambiguous, it may be a person, the environment , but I think it has one defining characteristic. This very entity, may directly or indirectly reveal your very soul to you.

I had some presumptions about my ‘soul’. It turns out that I was wrong. Imagine if you had these goggles, which allowed you to see everything, albeit in a particular shade. Now imagine that you had these goggles fitted on right since your birth. In such a scenario, one would believe that his world basically has one particular colour, only with slightly different shades. Now imagine that one fine day, someone takes these goggles of your eyes, and suddenly you see all these colours and hues, which you had never seen before. In a similar fashion, my presumptions about myself suddenly started to appear irrelevant, if not baseless.

I was a very ambitious person, which I believed was a very good thing. My whole life revolved around my plans, my future, the big company, fame, fortune, you know the routine. I don’t deny that it wasn’t exciting. There was that rush. But it was a little bit like opium. The rush, the feeling was all very fleeting. Another thing was my dependence on my absolute principles. Everything was either high or low, good or evil, black or white. Most things in life, I learnt later on, were a shade of grey.

So my love for materialistic glory gave way to things more subtle, and from ‘Gates’, I moved on to ‘Ghalib’. I am still on a pursuit no doubt, only the destination is different. I assume the destination is ‘happiness’, but then again some routes aren’t supposed to lead you to a particular destination. Or maybe ‘happiness’ is the route itself. Maybe ‘happiness’ is the origin, the destination and the route. This pursuit has different manifestations; it may be in music, in poetry, in language or anything else. This pursuit could be an ‘entity’ or a mere figment of my imagination.

I don’t think, this article, like my ‘pursuit’, should have a conclusion. I don’t know where my journey will lead me, hence this article should also, like the written spirit of my thoughts, shouldn’t end here…………………………………………………………………………or should it?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

On analogies

A civilisation can be a complex thing to understand.One way to gauge it's essence is to look at it's various aspects, like the people,the dress,the language and strangely enough,the script.
If one observes carefully, a script can tell a lot about the people who use it. To make my point a little clearer, let me give you an example about 2 scripts which are closely related to each other, and yet have subtle differences, i.e. the Naskh Script & the Nastaliq script.

For the unacquainted, Arabic is commonly written in the Naskh style and Persian is written in the Nastaliq script. If you look at the former, it is written in a very linear fashion. There is an inherent simplicity in it, although on the face of it, Arabic calligraphy may seem somewhat complex. On the other hand, Nastaliq script is highly ornate, with plenty of curves.

As Arabia is a desert, the way of life there in the ancient/medieval times was highly simplistic. Iran, on the other hand was known to appreciate luxury, and this is well reflected in their calligraphic style. Both the writing systems are beautiful, but the concept of beauty in both is different. The desert is certainly reflected in the Naskh style, while the sybaritic nature of Iran exhibits itself in the Nastaliq script. It's quite like comparing the Alps & Ladakh. While the beauty of the Alps lies in their abundance, it's the very elemental nature of Ladakh that gives it it's beauty.

While we are on the topic of anal[ogies], here's an interesting one-

On the face of it,marriages and government systems are not closely related. But if you look carefully,they share a close resemblance to each other.

The Arranged vs Love marriage debate is something that is guaranteed to generate some heat.While I am quite a strong supporter of the latter[do not worry,my oh so anxious relatives, I am not bringing some weed addicted hippie home...no wait a minute,I might just ;)],both the systems can be compared to the systems of governance of India and China.

Arranged marriages can be compared to the government of China. It is statistically speaking,a very stable system,with a greater rate of tangible success. Also, since the control is generally autocratic,problems due to dissent are generally lesser.The problems,if any,are generally suppressed before they take a more serious shape.Arranged marriages are quite the same.Since it is generally the parents/relatives who are running the show,the sense of authority flows from top to down.Also,lesser disputes arise,since the decision is largely a collective one rather than personal.

Love marriages are a little bit like Indian democracy, messy and highly flawed.It is visibly less stable,as dissent is allowed.Also,since the power in a democracy is in the hands of the people,it is subject to the moods and fickleness of the public[akin to the mob in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar].Now,authority in this case flows from bottom up.Similarly,in a love marriage,the power lies with the couple & consequently the protests are more marked.Since the expectations are higher(unlike an autocratic system),it is more prone to discontent.Also,the couple,like the public can make their own decisions.Likewise,the way we elect our leaders and mates are overshadowed by our emotional prejudices and hence there is a tendency to make flawed judgements.

All said and done,I am still a strong believer in the strength of Indian democracy, inspite of all it's faults.A democracy is a more human approach,flawed and emotional while an arranged marriage is much like a computerised algorithm,efficient and it generally works...The choice is yours

Thursday, July 24, 2008

In case no one noticed,I changed the title of my blog. I think "I came,I learnt,I conquered" rhymes more with the theme of the blog,as compared to "I came,I saw,I conquered".


Since quite some time,a thought has disturbed my mind.It was
the thought of the 'absolutism' people place in their
religious texts.It is a dangerous thing,and on top of that,one
of the most widespread phenomena.In my opinion,(which in
itself is something that is prone to faults),I think over
dependence on religious texts,in the long run destroys mankind's
faculty to reason and debate.This in effect turns to
something more vicious,the stagnation of the thought process
of the whole community.Historically speaking,we are all too
familiar with what happened to Copernicus and Galileo.

India is no stranger to all this.The recent furore over the
Ram-Setu stands out as a case point.Since the 1990's,there has
been a gradual weakening of our social fabric,and I don't see
an end to this problem in the near future,thanks to our
politicians,though the blame is not entirely theirs.India,as a
society has become more reserved.This reservation,I may add,is
only for fellow communities.Western influences,with all their
merits and demerits have been generally well received.Another
community,the Arabs,who in the middle ages kept the flame of
discovery alive and kicking during those middle ages,in later
centuries gradually slipped when religious orthodoxy replaced
the spirit of inquiry.

This brings us to the bigger question,that is the conflict of
faith and reason.Contemporary thought has often placed the
latter above the former.Raja Ram Mohun Roy's 'Tuhfat-ul-
Muwahhidin' stands out as a case point.In this book,he rationalizes
religious thought and doesn't shy away from criticizing the
faulty religious practices prevalent during the day.Modern
thinkers have often said that reason should reign
supreme.Reason is viewed as something objective and faith is
something that is prejudiced with one's personal
convictions.However,if you really think about it,isn't reason
subject to the same weaknesses.Reason can also be influenced
by our biases,which may make them flawed.Also our dependence
on our 'reasons' is,in essence the 'faith' which we place in
our 'reasons'.So instead of conventional thinking which
dictates that the two are essentially different,we could say
that the two might complement each other.Our reasons in the
long run,may shape our faith in some philosophy and
conversely,our faith may shape the way we rationalize our

You know,while writing this article I realized that my habit
of thinking too much makes me skeptical about most of my
established beliefs.This brings with it,a slight feeling of
mental unease and hampers sometimes my ability to make clear
cut decisions in philosophical matters.On the bright side,my
mind is,as the programmers call it,a beta version(akin to
Google products),always in a process of repair and
refinement,never taking a final form.It could also be compared
to Brownian motion,with all it's randomness,and an absence of
determinism.So on that note,in the words of the immortal Bugs
Bunny,"That's all folks!"

Monday, June 9, 2008


Well,the title should give you some hints about what I am going to write about,that is 'Saraltaa ki Sundarta' (Beauty of Simplicity).I attempt to explain this to you from my 3 favourite perspectives i.e. gastronomic,musical and literary.First let's take the gastronomic example.You know,I could eat all the tandoori chicken I want,yet my mom's rajma chawal is something that I can never get tired of.There's something so yum about it's rather 'uncomplicated' taste that I just can't get enough of.

Now let's move to the cinematic/musical example.I saw this movie Juno a few weeks ago.It's a brilliant movie,emotionally moving sans any melodrama of any kind(Mr.Karan Johar,plz take notice).The same goes for the movie's soundtrack.The movie's sound track is so earthy and simple.A special round of applause to Kimya Dawson.Her voice is so normal yet in a strange way,very individualistic.Out of all the singers,she definitely falls into the 'rajma chawal' category.

Finally let's come to the literary section.In literature I have come across several poets.But the ones that appeal to me the most are Kabir,Ghalib and Rumi.I mentioned Kabir first because I'm the most comfortable with him.The genius about him is that although his style is very rustic,the meaning is inherently deep.Ghalib is great but my command over Urdu is not yet deep enough for me to give you an accurate analysis about his works,but I think,out of all his couplets,'Ishq par zor nahin....' stands apart.About Rumi,well I have just read his translated works but they are stunningly simple yet profound.Maybe when I learn Farsi I shall know more.

Well I have said what I had to say.So,in keeping with the spirit of this article,I shall bore my readers no more.So till next time folks,Goodbye and remember the rule,KISS!(Keep it Simple Stupid!)

Friday, May 16, 2008

I came across an old newspaper today.There was something in it about the list of Booker Prize nominees of 2006.Among others,there was 'The Inheritance of Loss' by Kiran Desai.There were other books in the list,but as far as I can recall,I haven't seen any of those at any Crosswords/Landmark.Kiran Desai is the only one who makes the cut.These bookstores exploit a unique trait of human psyche.We humans constantly seek comfort in groups.Kiran Desai is an Indian,therefore subconsciously I am curious about her.Obviously what we define as 'our group' is what interests me.For eg,when Tendulkar comes to bat,while I support him as an Indian,a maharashtrian might support him as a maharashtrian,and Vinod Kambli might support him as an old classmate.
Now let's apply this theory a little further.Well,everyday some new problem starts in our 'mulk'.Let's take the old secularism issue.We have the right-wing supporting the creation of a 'Hindu Ram Rajya'.Let's assume we give in to their demands,and we allocate a seperate country for the minorities and our new 'Ram Rajya' is created,consisting of only hindus.Now,the term 'hindu' is another googly in itself.There are high-caste&low-caste groups.Suppose they also want their piece of the pie.Theek hai,de diya.Now,in our "high-caste Hindu land',we have the high caste punjabis,high caste tamilians&high caste biharis.I hope you take my cue.
I finally discovered the joys of writing.While writing the above article,I started on a light topic,got lost and ended up discussing something totally diffrent from what I had envisaged.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Piss...Language...Lost Innocence

Has anyone seen the Mc. Dowell ad that goes "No.1,Mera No.1".What's the company trying to sell?......soda or ahem.....something else......
I have noticed a peculiar thing about the way I speak.All my tujhes and mujhes have been gradually replaced by 'tere ko' and 'mere ko'.......i think my hindustani gradually gave way to a lil daccani...something like this happened some 3 centuries ago which gave birth to what we now call Urdu.....so am i in the midst of a big linguistic revolution?......Only time will tell.
Saw promos of a film called bhoothnath.......another crass bollywood attempt to ape the west......there was a scene in which they showed (indian)kids playing american football.......Seriously,how many kids here would be able to relate to that?......I seriously don't know why the 'yashraj' clan have to make everything so Dolce&Gabbana......whatever happened to an innocent childhood like mine.....climbing 'shahtoot'(mulberry) trees and playing with mud.....Even the kids these days seem to have none of the innocence(read:stupidity) of the kids of yesteryears....they are all so smart and taking the dance/piano/horse riding/advanced calculus classes...i wonder what will happen to retards like me(even that shitty holiday homework was too much for me).....This brings me to another topic...why is everything so 'anglicised' these days.....now i understand that english is the mother tongue of many communities like the catholics...so no problems there......but these days whenever i go to a party and i see these 3-4 year old kids and their mums talking to them in English...it just pisses me off....eventually these kids will grow up to have a rootless existence with nothing unique about them whatsoever......i hope i don't come off sounding like a 75 year old.....
Is it just me or whenever one listens to 'Yellow' by coldplay does one feel like bobbing his head from one shoulder to the other.....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Me-Part 2

Born in the North,
Nurtured by the west,
Matured in solitude.

People call me various names-
the geek,the showman,
the intellectual,the madman.

I am in the melody of Mozart,
and in the acid of Eminem
I am all of that yet neither
I am a million mutinies-
Or am I?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Since a long time,mankind has indulged in some form of mindless entertainment or the other.The Romans had their gladiators,the Spanish have the bull fighters,my mother has the K Serials,and my generation has Roadies-a crass show featuring some morons with a combined iq 0f 10.Actually,come to think about it,one can draw a no. of parellels between the last two.

Although,these 2 shows are less gruesome than their ancient peers,watching them is nothing short of intellectual genocide.While they may appear radically,their core values are quite the same,i.e. mindless politics.Everybody knows the deal with the K-Serials so I am not going to harp on that.So let's talk about roadies.Now,on the surface it may appear trendy,cool,adventurous+some other adjectives,yet if you peel the onion,one realises that it's just the same K-serial politics,the difference being the fictional versus the non fictional format.Also,while Ekta Kapoor is quite blatant about what she's doing,these roadies people have just kinda sugar coated the show with all that coolness quotient.The result:a soul-less,moribund(that's right!I do know some words.....)experience

So the next time you sneer at your mom for watching her soaps,remember,you aint much diffrent.......Ciao

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nothing in particular

Something occurred to me the other day.Previously,history consisted of civilisations
emerging,prospering and then somewhere down the line the civilisation disappeared.
Nowadays that's just not possible.The world is so well connected that it would be
impossible for let's say,Bombay to vanish and then be rediscovered centuries later.
I think this will change the way History is studied.Also,it kinda takes the fun out
of the whole thing.I mean,discovering Mohenjo-daro was way cooler than
searching for the Kennedy assassination on the internet arhives.
A question had been nagging me for quite some time now.On TV,in the movies or any other
medium,gays were potrayed as strange,queer or overtly feminine.On the other hand,lesbians
have not been stereotyped or typecast into any such category.My friend Gupta a,k.a eda
saand gave quite a insightful reply.His theory was that since the society is still male
dominated,males are ok with lesbianism since it involves women....on the other hand not
many males have an attachment towards their gay peers,so probably they have to face the
Today,me and my friend Rushank had a talk about the summer season.He made an interesting
observation.It was this.You know that smell of water coolers(people living in North/Central
India would know this) always meant freedom to him;.This was because he had associated that
smell with the summer holidays and thus reminded him of his freedom.One of the pecularities
of out brain I guess......stuff that seperates us from computers....atleast for now

Sunday, March 2, 2008


There is an ocean in my life,
An ocean of kindness,of wisdom.
Then there are rivers like me,
Emptying their flow into her.

The resilient ocean absorbs everything.
Unquestioningly she accepts what the rivers give it,
She doesn’t differentiate-
Whether the river gives her treasures or troubles.

This ocean has infinite patience,
But don’t disrespect her-
Invite her wrath and you shall see,
How the reservoir of life,
destroy what she herself created.

I am also a recipient of this ocean’s love.
An ocean whom I sometimes call ‘Mom’.
The other day,I was watching Good Will Hunting(for the zillionth time....).....it's one of my favourites......the best part of the movie is the conversations that take place between Robbin Williams and Matt Damon.During one such conversation,Williams tells Damon about his deceased wife....he describes her as follows-"It's as if God put an angel on the face of this earth just for you....."
This scene reminded me about a particular conversation I had with an autowallah about 5-6 months ago.His name I guess was Javed.I was sittin in the auto when looking at a couple on a bike next to us he said,"yeh aaj kal ke jawan logon ko yeh sab timepass lagta hai"[The youngsters take all this for granted]...and I was like..ok,here's one of those "youngsters don't know shit" people...but I was soon proved wrong....He went on to tell me how he had met his wife(a Hindu) and that they were married[happily!] since fifteen years.Anyways one particular sentence that he said remains etched in my memory....he was describing his wife and he said:"Aisa lagta hai ki Allah ne ek pari sirf mere liye bheji hai...."..which literally is what williams was talking about....it might sound corny now but the conviction with which he said it put all doubts to rest....

I think there are 2 places where I've had the best conversations....one is the autorickshaw and the second one is the barbershop(not the fancy ones....)the conversations range from politics,cricket,love,bollywood,the 'seth'[owner] who has gone to saudi...Even if i don't agree with there selection of music[Bollywood's Hall of Shame Classics],the conversations make the whole thingquite an experience.Also,these two places and the train are the only 3 places whereyou can feel the pulse of a nation as complex and diverse as ours.These are the placeswhere you see the true manifestation of the 'The Argumentative Indian' that AmartyaSen was talking about......The highest density of heterodoxy per unit area....

So my advice to all my elitist friends[there are quite a few..] is...next time skip the Javed Habibs and opt for the friendly neighbourhood 'Hajaam'[barber] instead.Who knows what you may get to hear.....

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Strange is the heart of man,
He yearns for 'success'.

Like a foolish child
in the Garden of Eden.
he runs towards the horizon,
wanting to touch it.

Blind to the treasures that surround him,
He chases the mirage,the illusion.
Up above,maya laughs-
Her conspiracy consummated,yet again.

Friday, February 8, 2008

As a kid I was always great with maps n stuff.I could draw the map of India when I was four. But you know what…. political boundaries are funny things. I disagree with utopians who say borders have no purpose and they just divide us. Pure bull. Without them,the world would have been like one giant studio apartment,no rooms and everything thrown into one giant mess, not much different from my own flat.It would have been chaotic, unmanageable and difficult to administer.Whoever conjured the idea of borders must have visualized it as a simple solution to organize land into manageable chunks.So far so good…..then some shit happened.

As a person, I have always been patriotic. I love my country, India.So what is India?That piece of land 32,87,243 sq.km (Ya,I know that…) in area,whose map I can draw with my eyes closed,down to the last intricate detail?....According to me that is a very abrupt and quite frankly a rigid idea.......For me the concept of India is a very fluid one….India for me is not that thing on the map…but the people and the culture that make it what it is.’India’ is the graceful kathak dancer and also the uncouth paanwallah in my ‘galli’.This concept of India is like a continuum roughly spread around the geographical area.It doesn’t stop abruptly at the wagah border but merges seamlessly into other cultures eventually. A Bangladeshi probably would react to Tagore in the same way someone from West Bengal would. The geographical entity ‘India’ doesn’t encapsulate the cultural ‘India’ but I think it goes the other way round. But the skewed importance we give to the former is from where the whole ‘bakheda’ (trouble) starts…..

So does that mean I don’t value territorial integrity?....Well I do….but for me that is the part of the deal…..not the whole….Anyways,the song in my playlist changed and
‘Nate Dogg’ doesn’t exactly go with serious intellectual topics….so till I get more fodder…..ciao….

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I wrote 2 poems in the mmc lecture
well,here goes


Stereotypes,don't define me,
Traditions don't bind me.

Like a bird's feather,
drifting throught the wind
Like a drunkard walking on the streets,
There is an order in my chaos,
though only known to me

Second Poem:

Like a dreary desert,
this lecture seems to me
My thoughts wander elsewhere,
in the oasis of my dreams.

A woman!with eyes like wine
Her hair flows like a roaring river,
while I get lost in the currents.
Her Passion like an inferno
seems to have engulfed me.
Yet I don't complain

Why the saints promise us the heavens,
the heavens seem empty to me
In my dreams of madness,
my heaven seems to be.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


hey.....its been long...hell no....really long......................
well now that 2008 has finally ushered in....its time to rewind to 2007.....

well the year started on a 'shitty' note.....i was down with 3 backlogs of 2nd sem+3 new backlogs of 3rd sem+5 normal subjects.......enough to make a guy pee in his pants........on top of that my personal life took a lil hit....no points for guessin dat.......so back to academia.....well in the end i pulled of a major coup......cleared all subjects with 'just above the ground' colours......

The first half also saw a lil reunion wid a friend from bombay(aks)...thanks to orkut.....not a happy occassion for her though.........also met her friends.....including one with a 136 iq(billo).....one hell of a confused girl........kinda a fake intellectual like myself......

I also discovered my adventurous side.......went paragliding.......also saw and sat thru my first 'drift'...a la tokyo.......courtesy "eda saand urf schumacher".........5th sem was really fun......was independent and had a whole flat to myself.....enjoyed everythin...... late night drives......had coffee in a pool parlour at 2 am surrounded by 6"2' ethopians who smelt like 'pot'........also saw a vintage car collection at 4 am in the mornin,including a 1940's dodge in which indira gandhi was taken.......house got robbed.....and the thieves got caught.......went to a police station alone for the first time.....not as bad as you think.......met this really courteous cop,Mr.Sheikh......kinda changed my viewpoint about cops........

Well,during the first half I was hell bent on becoming an entrepreneur........but later on god knows what happened.......i got this whole new 'take it easy' enlightenment.....currently drifting aimlessly,but come to think of it....i have never enjoyed it more.....kinda have got a new perspective on stuff.....really into history&learnin classical languages like Persian/Urdu......haven't made much progress though.......also followed a 'marks' dont matter a damn philosophy this semester.....and miraculously i got good marks in the exams!......come to think of it,if this reverse psychology really works,i think i should start acting gay and maybe then i'll get some girls.....heehee......

ok.....gettin tired...so in the words of the great Emerson....oops sry..its Bugs Bunny............."That's all folks!"........