Monday, June 9, 2008


Well,the title should give you some hints about what I am going to write about,that is 'Saraltaa ki Sundarta' (Beauty of Simplicity).I attempt to explain this to you from my 3 favourite perspectives i.e. gastronomic,musical and literary.First let's take the gastronomic example.You know,I could eat all the tandoori chicken I want,yet my mom's rajma chawal is something that I can never get tired of.There's something so yum about it's rather 'uncomplicated' taste that I just can't get enough of.

Now let's move to the cinematic/musical example.I saw this movie Juno a few weeks ago.It's a brilliant movie,emotionally moving sans any melodrama of any kind(Mr.Karan Johar,plz take notice).The same goes for the movie's soundtrack.The movie's sound track is so earthy and simple.A special round of applause to Kimya Dawson.Her voice is so normal yet in a strange way,very individualistic.Out of all the singers,she definitely falls into the 'rajma chawal' category.

Finally let's come to the literary section.In literature I have come across several poets.But the ones that appeal to me the most are Kabir,Ghalib and Rumi.I mentioned Kabir first because I'm the most comfortable with him.The genius about him is that although his style is very rustic,the meaning is inherently deep.Ghalib is great but my command over Urdu is not yet deep enough for me to give you an accurate analysis about his works,but I think,out of all his couplets,'Ishq par zor nahin....' stands apart.About Rumi,well I have just read his translated works but they are stunningly simple yet profound.Maybe when I learn Farsi I shall know more.

Well I have said what I had to say.So,in keeping with the spirit of this article,I shall bore my readers no more.So till next time folks,Goodbye and remember the rule,KISS!(Keep it Simple Stupid!)