Sunday, November 8, 2009

Modernity,Political Correctness and Progress

One of the prominent phenomenon of our modern times has been the emergence of political correctness.Although political correctness may have a pleasant effect in our increasingly multicultural world,it may have some unforeseen negative influence on slowing the pace of modernism(not to be confused with westernism).Let me explain

If one talks about ancient pagan cults or Greek mythology or the Roman Civilization,you ll find that normally people don't mind calling a spade a spade.So one will have no qualms about calling the Romans blood-thirsty brutes whose form of entertainment may be called absolutely unacceptable by today's standards.However,if we were to use the same logical premise for some of our contemporary customs,people immediately draw their swords at you.Let's say we go ahead in time by 3000 years.Let us assume that by 5000AD,all our present day religions have vanished.Now in such a society,would we shirk away from calling most of our religious texts as nice allegorical tales with little or no factual truth in them.But right now,because of our so called political correctness,most of these texts stay impervious to closer scrutiny.Yes,I agree,any such sort of revelation might cause a tumult in the society(You just can't tell the pope "Look dude!,that Genesis story is nice and all,but it didn't happen").It's like telling a kid that Santa Claus doesn't exist.The difference is,the kid grows up,but the priest doesn't.
But what you can have is a deliberated,well reasoned public discussion,without people jumping to conclusions and branding you as racist/communal/etc.Otherwise,we may just slip into this useless rut of trying to please everybody and not getting anywhere.By,the way,for the record,the shitty author who wrote this is one of the most politically correct jackasses you'll ever come across.But it's nice to contradict oneself,isn't it?