Thursday, February 28, 2008

Strange is the heart of man,
He yearns for 'success'.

Like a foolish child
in the Garden of Eden.
he runs towards the horizon,
wanting to touch it.

Blind to the treasures that surround him,
He chases the mirage,the illusion.
Up above,maya laughs-
Her conspiracy consummated,yet again.

Friday, February 8, 2008

As a kid I was always great with maps n stuff.I could draw the map of India when I was four. But you know what…. political boundaries are funny things. I disagree with utopians who say borders have no purpose and they just divide us. Pure bull. Without them,the world would have been like one giant studio apartment,no rooms and everything thrown into one giant mess, not much different from my own flat.It would have been chaotic, unmanageable and difficult to administer.Whoever conjured the idea of borders must have visualized it as a simple solution to organize land into manageable chunks.So far so good…..then some shit happened.

As a person, I have always been patriotic. I love my country, India.So what is India?That piece of land 32,87,243 (Ya,I know that…) in area,whose map I can draw with my eyes closed,down to the last intricate detail?....According to me that is a very abrupt and quite frankly a rigid idea.......For me the concept of India is a very fluid one….India for me is not that thing on the map…but the people and the culture that make it what it is.’India’ is the graceful kathak dancer and also the uncouth paanwallah in my ‘galli’.This concept of India is like a continuum roughly spread around the geographical area.It doesn’t stop abruptly at the wagah border but merges seamlessly into other cultures eventually. A Bangladeshi probably would react to Tagore in the same way someone from West Bengal would. The geographical entity ‘India’ doesn’t encapsulate the cultural ‘India’ but I think it goes the other way round. But the skewed importance we give to the former is from where the whole ‘bakheda’ (trouble) starts…..

So does that mean I don’t value territorial integrity?....Well I do….but for me that is the part of the deal…..not the whole….Anyways,the song in my playlist changed and
‘Nate Dogg’ doesn’t exactly go with serious intellectual topics….so till I get more fodder…..ciao….