Thursday, December 24, 2009


You and I ...




(Fana means self annihilation in Urdu/Persian)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Draft Poem

I traded the wine flask for the water goblet,
Gave up my hallucinations for an illusion.

Cursed be this hope!If you call it that,
I'm the rooster who mistook the burning taper for dawn.

A mere breeze toppled them across,
My ivory towers turned out to be fickle bubbles.

Seeing the holes in the garbs of others,
I tried to take refuge from my own nakedness.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oops!It's poetry

As a person who has had more than 10 years of experience in pretending to know computers and 2 years of experience in pretending to be a poet,I have found some similarities between the two.Now I know, purists from both sides might scoff at me,but since it's my blog & we don't live in China, I am going to write it anyway.

Now the kind of poetry I prefer is of the type which can be interpreted in different ways,according to the reader.For eg, take Ghalib's famous lines

ham ko malūm hai jannat kī ḥaqīqat lekin
dil ke ḳhush rakhne ko ġhālib yeh ḳhayāl achchhā hai

I first read this couplet a year and a half ago.And since then, each time I have looked at it, the sher's meaning has morphed, and as my life takes a different turn each time, this sher, whilst remaining the same in form,has changed in context.

This reminds me of Abstract Data Types(ADT), which forms the base of Polymorphism, an important aspect of Object Oriented Programming(OOPS).Abstract Data Types,are much like clay.Just as a child moulds clay into his own desired shape,programmers similarly use ADT's according to their requirements, while keeping their basic structure the same.

Now while I know that most people have dozed off right now, but still, I found the similarity too fascinating.Just how one can connect too seemingly unrelated entities gives me hope that someday,maybe me and Katrina Kaif....What say?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cookiejh,Jee tv,and Pure Vehhjjjjj..Run!The pronunciation monsters are back in town!

As a child who grew up in a very North Indian environment, I, like many others of our generation were exposed to a lot of butchering of our names.Thus, you have 'Amit' being pronounced as 'Amat', Kapil would become 'kapal' (pronounced like couple) and 'nikhil' would become 'nikhal'. However, this trend was more or less limited to our grandparents, most of whom had migrated after Partition. The reason for this became apparent to me much later on, while I was learning Urdu.You see,in Urdu(or the Nastaliq script,to be precise), there is a general under-emphasis on vowel sounds, especially the short ones. Normally,in everyday writing, people omit the diacritical marks for 'i' or 'u'. One generally has to guess where the 'i's' and the 'u's' are. Now since my grandparents grew up learning Urdu as the primary language for correspondence, it must have begun to subconsciously alter their pronunciations.

Coming back to the present generation, one can make a similar observation about people who pronounce 'z' as 'j'.I find it quite irritating when people say 'cookiej', 'jee tv'', and 'singh ij king'. This habit can be clearly attributed to the shortcomings in the devanagari script. Since the devanagari script doesn't have a proper alphabet for 'z', most people use the 'j' alphabet for that. Although, a 'dot' below the 'j' is used to denote the 'z' sound,it is normally forgotten and thus you have an entire generation of people who say 'hujoor,jee tv pe jakhmi film aa rahi hai' (mom,if you are reading,get the hint).

So as one can see,a script has a significant influence on the pronunciation.This is more true for Indic/Perso Arabic scripts rather than Roman ones.Since English script tends to be uniform(atleast as far as my observations go),one finds a lesser impact of it's script on the pronunciation.


Oh since we are on this topic, Pune deserves a special mention as far as linguistic genocide is concerned.From Deewhine Raid Rojhejh(Divine Red Roses) to the Pure Vehhhhhjjj(Pure Veg) signboards, Pune is the official burial ground of refined speech in the country.And talking about signboards there was this place 'Anu's beauty parlour' near my house.Remove the apostrophe from the first word.Anu should have thought through.