Wednesday, April 7, 2010

'As' you like it

Please fill the answers in your comments

1)As irritating as

a)Prabhu Chawla
b)Sagarika Ghose
c)Ravi Kissen
d)Himesh(as judge on reality shows)

2)As fake accented as

a)Yours Truly!
b)Salman Khan
c)Diana Hayden
d)South Delhi Snobs

3)As pretentiously intellectual as

a)Yours Truly!(Second Nomination:yay!!!)
b)Mahesh Bhatt
c)Javed Akhtar
d)Shobha De

4)As 'all show,no go' as

a)Rakhi Sawant
b)The host of 'Sansani'
c)Uma Bharati/Zakir Naik
d)Himesh( as a singer)

5)As dumb as

a)Any 'Roadies' participant
b)Sagarika Ghose(2nd Nomination)
c)Anyone who went to see 'James'

6)As mediocre as

a)Diya Mirza
b)Vivek Oberoi
c)Tusshar Kapoor
d)Uday Chopra

7)As hot as

a)Me(any female choosing this is entitled to a free gift!)
b)Alessandra Ambrosio
c)Megan Fox
d)A white dwarf(only for gays n geeks)

8)As small as
a)your ahem ahem....
b)One of the above
c)All of the above
d)I dont have one


Don't touch it yet,
That snuffed candle of the dungeon,
A warmth still pervades where it stood.
The frozen wax of memories,
Long forgotten,laden with cares
Still lies seething at it's base

Don't close your ears yet,
That silenced melody of yesteryears
Still resonates somewhere

Don't remove that veil
This mirage of abstractions,
Nothingness has many layers to shed

Don't drop those tears yet,
My corpse before you is still undead