Friday, January 29, 2010

list of things that might go with my generation

1)Phantom ki meethi Cigarettes

2)Bante wala soda



5)Crax/Fun flips

6)Thele waali ice cream

7)nikkar-bu shirt (half pants and bush shirt)

8)rerri wale popcorns(popcorns sold on carts)

9)speaking in hindustani/hindi ( atleast in bombay/snobbish south delhi)

10)bandar ka madaari


12)Food laced with dollops of desi ghee

13)hindi comic books(naagraaj, chacha chaudhary,phantom)

14)sensible tv

15)those weekly films on doordarshan(and the way the climax would always
get interrupted by "aur yeh hain aaj ke samaachar")

16)Hatim-tai(probably the only film of jitendra which i like)

17)A gadget less childhood

18)Alladin and ducktales in Hindi(also Small Wonder)

19)Chooran ki goliyaan

20)learning maths in chaste Punjabi(my father telling "ainu taqseem
kar"...and me wondering whether to add,subtract,divide or multiply)

21)Grandparents who know the whole of Indian mythology and so many stories

22)Grandparents who don't talk in English


24)the excitement when a relative would go 'abroad'

25)sweaters knit by granny/mom

26)being dragged to sabzi mandi by parents on a sunday morning(and then
told to sit in the car!)

27)Walkmans(oh how cool they used to look!)

28)Singing 'Ice Ice Baby'/Backstreet Boys(hate to admit this)

29)listening to unique urdu ramayan of my grandfather


31)Jolly-the hand game


33)Tom&Jerry(the original Hanna Barbera ones)

34)Pitthu, Chhuppan Chhupai and Oonch neech ka papda(i didnt play that much gilli danda)

35)Pretending that every sofa was a cockpit of my imaginary fighter aircraft(also tried designing my own fighter aircraft, but the project got scrapped because of slight oversight in cost estimation)

36)Planning to start my own dot-com in the 7th standard

37)Fantasizing about my very own Dexter's lab(it would be called Amit' lab ofcourse)

38)Playing Military Military with Raghav(with imaginary girlfriends whom we would rescue)

39)Conjuring war scenarios of India with the world(thankfully i m a lil less jingoistic now)

40)Arguing who would win, Superman or Batman....

41)The whole rumour about undertaker's ghosthood

42)Rumours about dinosaurs coming back to life

43)Alif Laila

44)Kite flying(patang udana)

45)Trump cards


47)Geete(game with a ball and stones)

48)Getting excited at weddings,and tring to hog the limelight by sitting between the bride and the groom(Neetu,mind it!)


50)Thaapi waala Cricket

51)Pen fight,book cricket,name place animal thing

52)Thinking kids were a result of an elaborate pooja,where 'bhagwanji' would come and gift them(now i know why old people are so religious!)

53)Wondering why this pooja would always happen after marriage

54)"Girlfriend boyfriend haw haw"

55)Manual rickshaws be continued


Harshvardhan Pande said...

nice thought dude, surprising how we never think of how fast things r changing just within our lifes even so far. i am sure most of the things on ur list will come true.

most of the things i will miss - but one thing i do wish goes away asap... the bandar ka madari thingy, just never could stand the cruelty that the bandars and bhaloos have to go through for low level amusement

Ketan said...

wat abt gilli-danda ;)?

Parth said...

Masha Allah!!!
The best blogpost by far and the only thing i want to add more is-'to be continued'...would be more than looking forward to it

anu said...

tres bien........
muy bien.........
masha allah.......
es vale te phatte chak ditte.....

Parth said...

Oh btw, one more addition....
having the 'matke ka paani' instead of the refrigerated cold water

Sanjeev Gadgil said...

too good man!! too good!!!
you forgot kites and tops!!!

another thing which ll be missed is bat ball i think.. the very first bat (made of plastic) and the plastic ball with it... then sitting on the katta, chatting with friends with mom/grandmom calling, come on, its dinner time!!
not really using a phone till age 15...!!!
ours were fun times man!!!
even just buying any new thing and getting excited by it.. or dad coming from abroad, and all are waiting for him to see if hes got chocolates and gifts!!

or collecting tintins and asterixs one by one.. now a days you get the whole set...
waiting for another friends episode!! again, you get them free now!!!

but ya... i m going to miss hindi aladdin!! a lot... specailly Iago and Genie...!!

indscribe said...

Great Amit sahab.

You aleady have a list of things you are nostalgic about. Yaar if I made a list, at least half of these would find their way in.

Keep it up.

Manjari Singh said...

ooch neech ka paapda , my god u really remember that.