Sunday, October 24, 2010

A verse

I had written this verse about two years ago...and like all my great ideas, it occurred to me at the most unlikeliest of places (no need to mention that), at about three in the morning...

And for the non ahl-e-zubaan, it reads

"but parasti se aakhir hamein kya fa'ida?
gar khuda insaaN hota to aaina hi kaafi tha"

Here's a rough translation:
Of what use to us is idol worship?
Had god been a human, a mirror would have sufficed

Now I have been trying to convert this lone verse into a ghazal...However, like all my ambitious projects, this too has fallen into the trap of lethargy and your everyday procrastination

Oh and since we are on the topic, I have been thinking about keeping a takhallus(pen name)...Any suggestions people?

Monday, October 18, 2010


Ok, now that I have your attention (you pervs!) ...As I was sitting on my shit-pot, and contemplating in that zen like state, it occurred to me that inspite of all my liberal pretensions, how my mind and it's imagery was still very andro-centric(this does not imply that I m gay....)...Confused? Let me explain...Suppose someone mentions the word Christian to me, or Punjabi, Hindu, or Muslim...The image that I conjure in my head is always of a christian 'guy', a 'punjabi' guy, or a hindu/muslim guy....It's almost always a 'guy'(with the exception of an egyptian belly dancer.....thank god for that!)...So this got me thinking(surprise!surprise!)....How and when did we as human beings become so male centric....No wonder the world is such a screwed up place...It would have been so much better had the scenario been reversed....Let's say when someone says 'Mexico' to me, instead of picturing a drug dealer, I picture Salma Hayek(hmmm, interesting.....10 second day dreaming break............ok i m back.....)...racial prejudice resolved, and peace is achieved....Now if someone could tell this to Hamas or the Israelis.... is a three letter word...not four....there you go...the title is now justified

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ajj Raam te babar hasde ne

My first poem in punjabi,

Ajj Raam te babar hasde ne,
ke ai hind de loki kiven vasde ne

pehlan kitaa mulk taqseem,
hun do gaj zameen de peeche,
adaaltan de vich shikanje kasde ne

raam ne akheya babur nu,oye yaara,
mere picche ai kyun paande aina pawaara,
meri paak ayodhya de vich
kaanu ai siyaasi saap daasde ne?

babar pher kainda raam nu,
oye sun mere praava,
kaanu apna sukoon lutana,
aithe hun koi reya na sayana
chal apni khair manaiye,
jedi raah apaan chhad chuke,
oiyo raah pher kyun jaiye?

Ajj Raam te babar hasde ne,
ke ai hind de loki kiven vasde ne