Friday, May 16, 2008

I came across an old newspaper today.There was something in it about the list of Booker Prize nominees of 2006.Among others,there was 'The Inheritance of Loss' by Kiran Desai.There were other books in the list,but as far as I can recall,I haven't seen any of those at any Crosswords/Landmark.Kiran Desai is the only one who makes the cut.These bookstores exploit a unique trait of human psyche.We humans constantly seek comfort in groups.Kiran Desai is an Indian,therefore subconsciously I am curious about her.Obviously what we define as 'our group' is what interests me.For eg,when Tendulkar comes to bat,while I support him as an Indian,a maharashtrian might support him as a maharashtrian,and Vinod Kambli might support him as an old classmate.
Now let's apply this theory a little further.Well,everyday some new problem starts in our 'mulk'.Let's take the old secularism issue.We have the right-wing supporting the creation of a 'Hindu Ram Rajya'.Let's assume we give in to their demands,and we allocate a seperate country for the minorities and our new 'Ram Rajya' is created,consisting of only hindus.Now,the term 'hindu' is another googly in itself.There are high-caste&low-caste groups.Suppose they also want their piece of the pie.Theek hai,de diya.Now,in our "high-caste Hindu land',we have the high caste punjabis,high caste tamilians&high caste biharis.I hope you take my cue.
I finally discovered the joys of writing.While writing the above article,I started on a light topic,got lost and ended up discussing something totally diffrent from what I had envisaged.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Piss...Language...Lost Innocence

Has anyone seen the Mc. Dowell ad that goes "No.1,Mera No.1".What's the company trying to sell?......soda or ahem.....something else......
I have noticed a peculiar thing about the way I speak.All my tujhes and mujhes have been gradually replaced by 'tere ko' and 'mere ko'.......i think my hindustani gradually gave way to a lil daccani...something like this happened some 3 centuries ago which gave birth to what we now call am i in the midst of a big linguistic revolution?......Only time will tell.
Saw promos of a film called bhoothnath.......another crass bollywood attempt to ape the west......there was a scene in which they showed (indian)kids playing american football.......Seriously,how many kids here would be able to relate to that?......I seriously don't know why the 'yashraj' clan have to make everything so Dolce&Gabbana......whatever happened to an innocent childhood like mine.....climbing 'shahtoot'(mulberry) trees and playing with mud.....Even the kids these days seem to have none of the innocence(read:stupidity) of the kids of yesteryears....they are all so smart and taking the dance/piano/horse riding/advanced calculus classes...i wonder what will happen to retards like me(even that shitty holiday homework was too much for me).....This brings me to another topic...why is everything so 'anglicised' these i understand that english is the mother tongue of many communities like the no problems there......but these days whenever i go to a party and i see these 3-4 year old kids and their mums talking to them in just pisses me off....eventually these kids will grow up to have a rootless existence with nothing unique about them whatsoever......i hope i don't come off sounding like a 75 year old.....
Is it just me or whenever one listens to 'Yellow' by coldplay does one feel like bobbing his head from one shoulder to the other.....