Saturday, March 22, 2008

Since a long time,mankind has indulged in some form of mindless entertainment or the other.The Romans had their gladiators,the Spanish have the bull fighters,my mother has the K Serials,and my generation has Roadies-a crass show featuring some morons with a combined iq 0f 10.Actually,come to think about it,one can draw a no. of parellels between the last two.

Although,these 2 shows are less gruesome than their ancient peers,watching them is nothing short of intellectual genocide.While they may appear radically,their core values are quite the same,i.e. mindless politics.Everybody knows the deal with the K-Serials so I am not going to harp on that.So let's talk about roadies.Now,on the surface it may appear trendy,cool,adventurous+some other adjectives,yet if you peel the onion,one realises that it's just the same K-serial politics,the difference being the fictional versus the non fictional format.Also,while Ekta Kapoor is quite blatant about what she's doing,these roadies people have just kinda sugar coated the show with all that coolness quotient.The result:a soul-less,moribund(that's right!I do know some words.....)experience

So the next time you sneer at your mom for watching her soaps,remember,you aint much diffrent.......Ciao

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Harsh Pande said...

totally agree with u dude, k serials suck... roadies, the only part i like is the auditioning rounds... gr8 to see them getttin screwed. reminds me of some vivas i've seen ;)