Sunday, March 2, 2008


There is an ocean in my life,
An ocean of kindness,of wisdom.
Then there are rivers like me,
Emptying their flow into her.

The resilient ocean absorbs everything.
Unquestioningly she accepts what the rivers give it,
She doesn’t differentiate-
Whether the river gives her treasures or troubles.

This ocean has infinite patience,
But don’t disrespect her-
Invite her wrath and you shall see,
How the reservoir of life,
destroy what she herself created.

I am also a recipient of this ocean’s love.
An ocean whom I sometimes call ‘Mom’.


Harsh Pande said...

lovely, thoughtful poem. reminded me of the song 'maa' from taarey zameen par. well done!

pradyumna said...

Hey buddy that was really a warm feeling, shows the love and respect about every MOM.
great work..

Kunal said...


prashik said...

hey dude it was really great.......

Sanjeev Gadgil said...

lovely poem.....

shilpa said...

fresh n original.....u left me speechless lil bro!