Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nothing in particular

Something occurred to me the other day.Previously,history consisted of civilisations
emerging,prospering and then somewhere down the line the civilisation disappeared.
Nowadays that's just not possible.The world is so well connected that it would be
impossible for let's say,Bombay to vanish and then be rediscovered centuries later.
I think this will change the way History is studied.Also,it kinda takes the fun out
of the whole thing.I mean,discovering Mohenjo-daro was way cooler than
searching for the Kennedy assassination on the internet arhives.
A question had been nagging me for quite some time now.On TV,in the movies or any other
medium,gays were potrayed as strange,queer or overtly feminine.On the other hand,lesbians
have not been stereotyped or typecast into any such category.My friend Gupta a,k.a eda
saand gave quite a insightful reply.His theory was that since the society is still male
dominated,males are ok with lesbianism since it involves women....on the other hand not
many males have an attachment towards their gay peers,so probably they have to face the
Today,me and my friend Rushank had a talk about the summer season.He made an interesting
observation.It was this.You know that smell of water coolers(people living in North/Central
India would know this) always meant freedom to him;.This was because he had associated that
smell with the summer holidays and thus reminded him of his freedom.One of the pecularities
of out brain I guess......stuff that seperates us from computers....atleast for now

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Harsh Pande said...

loved the 1st Two threads of this post!!!