Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai

There's this new show on SAB TV called 'Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai",featuring actors like Ashif Sheikh, Tikku Talsania, and Juhi Parmar.Although I am not a fan of the SAB comedies(most of them tend to be a part of the overt Punjabi caricature camp,and the others are plain boring),this show has proved to be an exception, especially because of the performance of the actors, and the little quirks in their characters.For eg,Tikku Talsania who plays the judge with a blatant fondness for Juhi Parmar,also has this habit of mispronunciation of Urdu words(yes,my subconscious pro-Urdu bias is at play!).

Let's hope this show continues it's fresh and innovative approach and doesn't fall prey to all those habits which Indian comedies are normally prone to.So far, only Sarabhai and Sarabhai,and Dekh Bhai Dekh have been successful in doing that.Yes Boss was slso good,although I haven't seen it in a long time.Oh,I almost forgot.A special mention to those 2 assistants of the judge(forgot what they are called in Hindustani).They are simply superb.
My second consecutive non-philosophical article.Three cheers to materialism!


Harshvardhan Pande said...

I hope its good, u shuda posted the show timings, it wuda made things easier for ignorant ppl like us!

Chandan Kr. Gupta said...

nice.. but you see i am not used to reading or hearing your views on materialistic things.. its nice for a change but i think you stick to what you do best.. invoke people's thought process..

Parth said...

Three cheers to materialism!!!
Finally it dawned on you...anyway nice one....
besides, one thing i agree- you just need an excuse to cast your pro-urdu side!!! :p