Monday, June 28, 2010


"Amit, uth ja...hun.......'Amit!!!!!!!!!"....Probably he was dreaming, but mom's voice sounded particularly shrill at 7 am...He got up, his tshirt sticking to his back due to the sweat...."Saala AC kisne off kiya?", he wondered...Parts of him were particularly stiff in the morning, and so he stood up in a weird posture to avoid detection...Finally, he got up and picked the cup of tea from the tray...'too much milk', he made a mental note...Meanwhile, dad entered the room and dropped the newspaper pile on the was much like a piece of fresh meat surrounded by a pack of lions, everyone had their favourite piece, or so everyone thought.Sifting through the pile, dad quickly handed him the Urdu newspaper, while his eyes were fixed on the HT City in Dad's hands...He glanced at his share of the carcass...."chhatisgarh mein 35 afraad halaak"..."Damn!,was that Megan Fox in the lingerie", he sighed....Sipping his tea, he quickly glanced over the editorial....then he proceeded towards the last page...Obama, Israel and Iran....He raised his glass to finish what was left of his tea, then got up, entered the toilet and closed the door behind him....A new day had begun.


Harshvardhan Pande said...

thank God u stopped at, then the door closed behind him :D

Anonymous said...

class...liked it

Hyderabadi said...

hahahaha !
bahot khoob. shaandaar. achcha tajzia hai.