Wednesday, April 7, 2010

'As' you like it

Please fill the answers in your comments

1)As irritating as

a)Prabhu Chawla
b)Sagarika Ghose
c)Ravi Kissen
d)Himesh(as judge on reality shows)

2)As fake accented as

a)Yours Truly!
b)Salman Khan
c)Diana Hayden
d)South Delhi Snobs

3)As pretentiously intellectual as

a)Yours Truly!(Second Nomination:yay!!!)
b)Mahesh Bhatt
c)Javed Akhtar
d)Shobha De

4)As 'all show,no go' as

a)Rakhi Sawant
b)The host of 'Sansani'
c)Uma Bharati/Zakir Naik
d)Himesh( as a singer)

5)As dumb as

a)Any 'Roadies' participant
b)Sagarika Ghose(2nd Nomination)
c)Anyone who went to see 'James'

6)As mediocre as

a)Diya Mirza
b)Vivek Oberoi
c)Tusshar Kapoor
d)Uday Chopra

7)As hot as

a)Me(any female choosing this is entitled to a free gift!)
b)Alessandra Ambrosio
c)Megan Fox
d)A white dwarf(only for gays n geeks)

8)As small as
a)your ahem ahem....
b)One of the above
c)All of the above
d)I dont have one


Harshvardhan Pande said...

1> Sagarika Ghose
2> Salman Khan
3> Javed Akhtar
4> Uma Bharti
5> Any 'Roadies' participant
6> Tusshar Kapoor
7> Megan Fox
8> Your Ahem Ahem :D

Paddy said...

@Harsh - At least one should have gone to Amit

@Amit - Nice one yaar, reading ur blog for the first time... never knew abt it.

Harshvardhan Pande said...

@Paddy : Last waala goes to Amit only :D

Parth said...

As irritating as: you
As fake accent as: Salman Khan
As pretentiously intellectual as: Mahesh Bhatt
As all show no go as: All of the above
As dumb as: Actually taking this quiz
As mediocre as : Uday Chopra
As hot as: Alessandra Ambrosio
As small as: YOUR.....

Amit J said...

@Paddy:Thanks yaar,kaisa hai aj kal

Sanjeev Gadgil said...

1> Ravi Kissen
2> Salman Khan
3> Javed Akhtar
4> Rakhi Sawant
5> Any 'Roadies' participant
6> Tusshar Kapoor
7> Megan Fox
8> Your Ahem Ahem :D

vikas said...

1> Himesh(as judge on reality shows)
2> Diana Hayden
3> Mahesh Bhatt
4> The host of 'Sansani'
5> Any 'Roadies' participant
6> Uday Chopra
7> Alessandra Ambrosio + Megan Fox
8> Your(Amit's) Ahem Ahem ;)