Thursday, February 28, 2008

Strange is the heart of man,
He yearns for 'success'.

Like a foolish child
in the Garden of Eden.
he runs towards the horizon,
wanting to touch it.

Blind to the treasures that surround him,
He chases the mirage,the illusion.
Up above,maya laughs-
Her conspiracy consummated,yet again.


Harsh Pande said...

urdu, hindi, punjabi, english n marathi [???] this guy can write well in all da languages
are we witnessing a gr8 poet in da making...

AlexMocchi said...

well, maybe it was a misunderstanding, but when I saw your intro: "Born in Chandigarh....likely to die in my college....." I thought it was a little bit dark, you know...
I'm really interested in religious liberty, I always focused my studies about it with the prysm of personalism. The individual is a biological being, but the person achieve some other dimensions, such as social, political and religious ones.
That's why I enjoy always more the anthropological studies! So riches, so deep, understand what really moves persons, what really means "we all are humans". No discrimination, only understanding of differences... and gathering.
Bye, and follow: MOM is a really good piece.
By the way, why don't you put a title to the others posts too? I think you can do it using the "edit" feature.

Kunal said...

wat u hav written is cool
i totally agree wid u ....that
for his constant yearning for success
a person can screw his life

Parth said...
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Parth said...

julka this i think is your best poem till date........and this is also the 4th time that i m praising u in the past 9 years but.....sirji u rock!!! :)