Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I wrote 2 poems in the mmc lecture
well,here goes


Stereotypes,don't define me,
Traditions don't bind me.

Like a bird's feather,
drifting throught the wind
Like a drunkard walking on the streets,
There is an order in my chaos,
though only known to me

Second Poem:

Like a dreary desert,
this lecture seems to me
My thoughts wander elsewhere,
in the oasis of my dreams.

A woman!with eyes like wine
Her hair flows like a roaring river,
while I get lost in the currents.
Her Passion like an inferno
seems to have engulfed me.
Yet I don't complain

Why the saints promise us the heavens,
the heavens seem empty to me
In my dreams of madness,
my heaven seems to be.

1 comment:

Harsh Pande said...

The best use anyone has ever made of an MMC lecture ;)