Monday, July 2, 2007

Veni Vidi Vici

Hi,Welcome to my Blog

Hi,this is Amit.......19 years old,currently pretending to become a software engineer and dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur.....Interested in History,Physics,Economics,Astronomy,Current Affairs,Food etc......

By the way this is what i looked like a few kilos ago...

P.S.Veni Vidi Vici means "I came,I saw,I conquered" in Latin


Arti said...

what do i say abt him.

he is smart,talkitive, helpful,
tall, slim ,joker.

he has answers to all the questions.

Gautam said...

cute !!!!

Arti said...

Hey Bro!!

Nice poems done in MMC lecture. I think u will be a good poet. Why don't u start writing poems and publish ur book?
Hey also make some poems on me.

Kunal said...

dude u where a cute fatt kido

kausar said...

aaaa...hmmm...sorry if it sounds stupid...but are u a girl or a boy??
i m a paki muslim so unfamiliar with indian names

Amit J said...

@kausar:haha...koi baat nahin..waise i m a kausar...what brings you to my blog?

kausar said...

but u look like a girl in da last photo....well i was searching for good blogs so i came across dis one today...i find it gud so far...a little different as well i mean u knowing galib n feels a bit strange..n da comparison b/w marxism and islam i dnt knw whether dats true or not but it was a gud thought...sad dat it didnt recieve many comments...n i m shocked dat 19 year old guy can come up such a serious thing...anyways best of luck..keep blogging..