Sunday, October 24, 2010

A verse

I had written this verse about two years ago...and like all my great ideas, it occurred to me at the most unlikeliest of places (no need to mention that), at about three in the morning...

And for the non ahl-e-zubaan, it reads

"but parasti se aakhir hamein kya fa'ida?
gar khuda insaaN hota to aaina hi kaafi tha"

Here's a rough translation:
Of what use to us is idol worship?
Had god been a human, a mirror would have sufficed

Now I have been trying to convert this lone verse into a ghazal...However, like all my ambitious projects, this too has fallen into the trap of lethargy and your everyday procrastination

Oh and since we are on the topic, I have been thinking about keeping a takhallus(pen name)...Any suggestions people?

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Anonymous said...

Amit 'London'baadi...!!!